Featured Alumnus Testimony

Lisa Goss

When I entered Heritage Center in September 2009, my life was spiraling out of control. I was angry and lonely.  I believed that I did not need God to survive. Little did I know, I was barely surviving, I was barely hanging on to life! To make matters worse, I was using alcohol to cope with my life issues. My faulty foundations of life were crumbling.

I walked into Heritage Center unattached and unconcerned. Heritage Alumist, Darius Nelson urged me to attend  Heritage. I arrived at Heritage with the intentions of never coming back! Yet, I remained week after week, month after month, until I had taken 10 classes to graduate with a Diploma of Ministry.  Why? Because God would have it that the first class offered when I walked through the Heritage doors was "Foundations for Ministries." My soul leaped for joy at the hearing of that name: Foundations for Ministries. I had no idea what was compelling me to commit to Heritage Center, but I committed anyway. I now know it was the beginning of the life that God predestined for me. 

The most encouraging thing that I gained in Heritage was I met myself. I had an encounter with Jesus, and I fell in love with myself and with the Lord — that was God's plan. He knew I would meet and fall in love with him through Christian Education and it would allow me to tell someone about Jesus Christ Our Lord.

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Minister Lisa Goss, MAC LLPC